What is a collaborative divorce?

on Tuesday, 13 November 2018. Posted in Family

A collaborative divorce is when a divorce is dealt with by holding round-table meetings attended by the couple involved and their lawyers. The couple sign an agreement not to involve the court other than for the divorce proceedings and financial consent. Then a ‘team’ approach is adopted to find the best solution to issues for the family in an amicable and respectful manner, and following full disclosure of all relevant facts and information. It is a procedure particularly favoured by those couples who have children together.

Meetings can be held at the couple’s convenience and at a pace they agree on. Other experts can be invited to the meetings to assist if appropriate e.g. financial advisers, pension experts and family consultants. The couple set the agenda and control the decision-making.
Not all lawyers are collaboratively trained but at Sampson Coward we have one of the most experienced collaborative lawyers: Tina Coward

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