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If you are considering a divorce or a civil partnership dissolution it is likely that you will be under considerable emotional stress. We recognise that it is important you feel confident in the advice you receive.

We can help you resolve matters in the best way to suit your individual circumstances. Whether by negotiation, through the court, through mediation or the collaborative process, a divorce solicitor will be happy to guide you through. Once we have assessed your situation we let you know what your options are, the likely timing and the costs involved.

In some cases of separation the parties are not ready for divorce/dissolution and would prefer to live apart for a period of two years before considering a divorce/dissolution, or perhaps for longer. In the interim period it may be sensible to regulate matters relating to finances and the children in what is known as a Separation Agreement that a divorce lawyer can prepare for you.

Alternatively, a solicitor can draft a Consent Order, detailing the financial settlement to be reached in the divorce. Once submitted at court and approved, the Consent Order will be legally binding and enforceable
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