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Employers have an obligation to provide employees within one month of the commencement of new employment, a written statement of their main terms and conditions of employment.  This written statement is usually given in the form of a contract of employment.  The written terms have to be provided to employees within two months of the commencement of employment.

We regularly draft contracts of employment for employers and advise employees upon the terms of their contracts of employment.  We are well versed in drafting and advising upon contractual terms relating to matters such as:

  • place of work and mobility
  • salary
  • hours of work
  • holidays
  • sckness and sick pay
  • pension
  • termination
  • notice period
  • disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • changes
  • restrictive covenants
  • confidential information

It is important to both employers and employees that there are clear policies and procedures relating to circumstances and issues arising in the workplace.  An employer will generally want to make its policies and procedures non-contractual so that it can change them without seeking the agreement of the employees to which they apply, and to avoid the risk of employees bringing breach of contract claims for failure to comply with the policies.

We can provide a customised staff handbook.  Our policies are based upon up-to-date tried and tested precedents.  Our IT software enables us to draft staff handbooks which can be read in conjunction with the contracts of employment that we draft.  Our computer software enables us to provide user-friendly policies which comply with the law and good practice in a cost effective manner.

Commonly, our staff handbooks include policies relating to:

  • equal opportunities
  • anti-harassment and bullying
  • anti-corruption and bribery
  • whistleblowing
  • holidays
  • disciplinary and capability procedure
  • grievance procedure
  • maternity
  • paternity
  • parental leave
  • time off for dependants
  • flexible working
  • health and safety
  • smoking
  • IT
  • social media
  • ...and many more if required

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