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When unmarried couples separate there can often be disputes regarding the ownership and sale of jointly held property

Contrary to common understanding, English law has no concept of common law partners and the same rules apply whether co-owners are unmarried partners, business associates or friends.

Separation for Non-Married Couples and Cohabitees

If your relationship breaks down, we can advise you on your rights regarding any joint property and the support of your children including:

  • who is entitled to live in the property and pay the mortgage
  • compelling the sale of the property or buying your partner out
  • on sale, how the proceeds are divided
  • children issues
  • mediation, negotiation and court
  • other assets and debts including bank accounts, loans, cars and pets

We will assist you in considering the options to recover your assets or keep a roof over your head, avoiding acrimony where possible and seeking a speedy resolution.

Cohabitation Agreements

No one likes to plan for the possibility of separation at the start of their relationship, but disputes regarding a separation can usually be avoided by couples formally agreeing at the start of their cohabitation who will be entitled to what.

Such agreements are increasingly common. We can advise you on how best to organise your affairs including cohabitation agreements and discuss property law in respect of jointly owned property such as formal declarations of trust.

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