We offer a degree of personal attention that is not always available to small and medium-sized businesses in search of legal support, as we believe this type of direct contact saves your business time, resources and money.

At Sampson Coward with Whitehead Vizard our commercial solicitors are approachable, personable and cost-effective. Based in Salisbury, we are part of the commercial community and, from our active role in the local Chamber of Commerce, we have a real and practical understanding of the pressures local businesses face.

We place importance on providing you with a direct contact familiar with your circumstances who can give you practical commercial law advice when you have urgent concerns.

We represent a wide range of commercial undertakings, from High Street owner-occupied businesses and licensed premises to large landed estates, farm businesses and light industry.

Thank you Stephen for your attention, I have never know the granting of a lease go quite so smoothly.

Talk to a Commercial Team Member

You can contact members of the Commercial team on the details below. If they are not available you will be contacted by another member of the team.

Caroline Chandler

Stephen Kenmir

Head of Commercial Property
01722 428846
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