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In the worrying event of violence, either during the relationship or upon separation, we can act immediately on your behalf and make an urgent application for an injunction to prevent violence or to regulate who lives in the family home if required.

These injunctions are available to you, whether you are married or unmarried or in a civil partnership.

If you have experienced physical/sexual violence, threats (including threats by text, email or social media), emotional abuse, harassment or controlling behaviour from somebody you are in an intimate relationship with or a family member firstly contact the police, especially in an emergency. They can often act immediately, e.g. by making the other party leave your home, issuing a Harassment Notice, or helping you to obtain a restraining order.

It is also vital to report domestic violence to your GP and seek medical help promptly for any injuries. Hospital/GP notes can be produced as evidence to the court if necessary.

Where children are involved it is important to take urgent advice from a solicitor, their safety is paramount and they can suffer harm even if they are not the victims.

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