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What can I do to prevent my Will being challenged?

on Thursday, 20 August 2015. Posted in Wills & Probate

It is always best to have a Will to avoid any uncertainty after you have died. There are various steps to take to reduce the risk of your Will being disputed. You should always ensure that your Will is correctly signed and witnessed and consider having it reviewed by an expert to ensure it 'does' what you want it to.

If you are suffering from an illness that could affect your mental capacity, it would be a good idea to have your Will witnessed by your GP or get them to prepare a note saying that you are of sound mind when the Will is made.

Review your Will regularly to take account of any change in personal circumstances. Ensure those you want to benefit are catered for. If there is anyone you don't want to benefit, leave a note or an explanation as to why this is the case, so it is clear you considered all potential beneficiaries before making the decision about who you wanted to benefit under your Will.

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