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What can I do about my noisy neighbour?

on Wednesday, 01 March 2017. Posted in Litigation & Disputes

If your neighbour is making a noise which is causing a nuisance, you can report the matter to your local authority. They will investigate and they may serve an Abatement Notice on your neighbour requiring them to stop causing a nuisance.

If the local authority decides not to take any action, or if the nuisance continues, you may be able to take action against your neighbour through the courts. You will need to show that your neighbour's actions are interfering substantially with your enjoyment of your property. Normally you would seek an injunction to prevent your neighbour from making the noise which is disturbing you, although a Court can also award compensation. If you and your neighbour both rent your properties from the same landlord, you should let your landlord know as they may be able to take action under the lease.

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