What are the benefits of family mediation?

on Saturday, 14 February 2015. Posted in Family

If you choose mediation to resolve your dispute with your former partner regarding children and/or financial issues, it has several advantages over court proceedings or other methods of dispute resolution and most importantly you remain in control.

The parties control the speed of the mediation and it can be a far quicker process than a court timetable if the parties want it to be. It also has the added advantage that the parties dictate the outcome rather than a judge. As both parties have an equal say in the outcome it leads to a better on-going relationship between them, which is especially important if they have children together. It is also often much cheaper than other methods as the parties share the mediator's costs between them. More creative solutions can be found for issues through mediation which can take into consideration the wider interests of the parties and provide an end result which is unique to the parties' circumstances. There is also a considerable amount of reality testing of the various proposed solutions to the issues carried out during mediation. This generally means that the end result is practical and achievable and more likely to be kept to by the parties.

At Sampson Coward, we are fortunate to have a highly experienced family mediator, Tina Coward. To find out more about mediation please contact her on 01722 410664.