How to move forward when a relationship has ended and you own a property together.

on Thursday, 12 April 2018. Posted in Family

Couples who have not married are in a very different situation to those who have. Unlike divorce, there is no formal procedure to end the relationship and unmarried couples do not have the same rights to make financial claims against each other as married couples.

Couples can consider a Deed of Separation. This is a voluntary document which records all areas of agreement on children and finances and provides for no further claims against each other. For such a Deed to form a binding contract between you and your partner, you both must take separate legal advice and have given full disclosure of income and capital.

When unmarried couples separate there can often be disputes regarding the ownership and sale of jointly held property. Contrary to common understanding, English law has no concept of common law partners and the same rules apply whether co-owners are unmarried partners, business associates or friends.

If your relationship breaks down we can advise you on your rights regarding any joint property. We will assist you in considering the options to recover your assets or keep a roof over your head, avoiding acrimony where possible and seeking a speedy resolution.

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