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It is really important to make a Will

on Friday, 06 February 2015. Posted in Wills & Probate

No one likes to think about dying and so people tend to put off making a Will. Sadly, coming to the end of your life is unavoidable but it is possible for us to help you ensure your affairs are all in order so we limit, as far as possible, any additional upset for your nearest and dearest.

It is a popular misconception that if you live with someone they will automatically inherit everything when you die. This is not the case at all and, unless specific provisions are made for someone in a Will, the Intestacy Rules will kick in and they dictate who will receive your money and possessions. Broadly speaking, your closest blood relatives would inherit all that you own and this might not be your intention at all - you might have friends, relatives who are not so close and even charities that you might want to benefit.

I have seen on many occasions the unnecessary stress and worry not having a correctly drawn up Will in place can cause. People can easily disagree with each other, especially at times of stress, and family arguments are the last thing you need to be dealing with when you have lost someone that you love. If there is already a conflict in the family, the absence of a Will is just the sort of issue that can cause lasting damage to relationships, sometimes for generations to come.

By giving some thought now to what you would like to happen after your death with your possessions, you can make sure that your loved ones receive what you intend and have the peace of mind that you did everything you could to make life easier for those you care about after you've gone.

If you would like to make or change a Will contact Sampson Coward on 01722 410664 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you book an appointment we can take you through the process step by step and explain our charging so that you understand how much it will cost before going ahead.