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How do I sort out the financial aspects of my divorce?

on Wednesday, 11 September 2013. Posted in Family

The Decree Absolute at the end of the divorce proceedings officially ends the marriage but it does not dismiss the possible financial claims that a married couple have against each other. They need to be dismissed by a Court Order.

Decisions will need to be made regarding pensions, maintenance issues and property. It is important that both parties fully disclose their assets and income.

There are various options open to you to resolve any disputes:

  • Direct agreement between you with a solicitor then to draft a consent order
  • Mediation to reach agreement with a solicitor then to draft a consent order
  • Instructing a solicitor to negotiate an out of court settlement or issue court proceedings
  • Dealing with matters collaboratively, where both solicitors and their clients work as one team to settle matters and commit not to use the court process

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