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Festive purchases and your consumer rights

on Thursday, 24 October 2019. Posted in Litigation & Disputes

With shops already stocking up for Christmas and (some) people starting to make their gift purchases it is worth noting the time-limits relating to faulty or sub-standard goods particularly as many gifts are not tested until the ‘big’ day, often weeks after purchase.

So, you’ve re-read the instructions, checked you put the batteries in and even given it a gentle tap but it is still not working. What are your rights?

Generally, according to the Consumer Rights Act, if goods purchased from a UK-based retailer are faulty you are entitled to ask for a repair, replacement or a refund.

Within 30 days of purchase – you are entitled to a full refund, replacement or repair.

Between 30 days & 6 months – you are entitled initially to a repair or replacement. If the product remains faulty you can then ask for a full refund.

After 6 months – you are entitled to ask for a repair or replacement, but the retailer can deduct some money for the use that you have had from the goods.

Some retailers do offer return policies that are even more consumer-friendly than their strict legal obligations, so it is always worth asking, particularly before making an expensive purchase.

It is worth noting that these rights cover second-hand goods purchased from a retailer and you may have additional rights in relation to goods bought online under the Distance Selling Regulations.

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