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Family Mediation at Sampson Coward Solicitors

on Thursday, 17 July 2014. Posted in Family

Family Mediation is a voluntary process where a couple (or other family members) choose to meet with a neutral third person, a Mediator, to help them resolve issues themselves on matters such as finances, children, divorce and separation.

A confidential process, it allows clients to talk issues through and make proposals which, if mediation breaks down, cannot be raised in subsequent Court proceedings. The mediator may only break that confidentiality if they believe the client or a relevant child is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, or they are given information concerning financial fraud (e.g. money-laundering, tax evasion.)

During financial issues mediation both clients must provide full information of their income and capital positions.

At Sampson Coward our family lawyers are trained mediators so we can offer co-mediation in appropriate circumstances. For more information or to arrange an initial mediation meeting, please contact Erica Cottrell or Tina Coward.