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Child maintenance Changes

on Wednesday, 04 June 2014. Posted in Family

All new applications for child maintenance are now dealt with by the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) rather than the Child Support Agency (CSA).

New applications from 25 November 2013 are assessed on gross income (income received before tax and deductions) rather than net income (income after tax and deductions).

Parents are now encouraged to reach agreement direct on child maintenance rather than use the Child Maintenance Service. Fees are being introduced to increase pressure on parents to deal with each other directly. There is a £20 application fee, with the paying parent charged an extra 20% on top of the maintenance assessment and the receiving parent losing 4% of the maintenance payment, both of which go to the Child Maintenance Service.

Separating parents can access further information and support from Child Maintenance Options at www.cmoptions.org.

For more information on divorce, separation or children issues please contact our Family Solicitors, Erica Cottrell or Tina Coward.