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This is where you and your former partner agree to resolve issues between you with the help of collaboratively trained lawyers and other experts if appropriate. A team approach is taken with a commitment made to resolve issues by agreement without resorting to court proceedings.


During the collaborative law process both parties are required to provide full information of their income and capital positions.


The process involves a series of face-to-face meetings rather than correspondence. At the beginning an agree-ment not to go to court is signed by both parties and their lawyers. If agreement is reached, this can be drafted into a legally binding consent order for approval by the court without the need for either party to attend. If no agreement is reached new solicitors have to be appointed if court proceedings are going to be commenced.

Other Experts

During the process if additional assistance is required to resolve issues, experts from different fields can be invited to meetings. For example, pensions expert, independent financial adviser, relationship counsellor.


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