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Probate Solicitors in Salisbury

When someone dies, their money, property and possessions have to be dealt with. Any debts and tax due must be paid and then the remaining assets distributed to the beneficiaries of the Will or divided under the rules of ”intestacy”. This process is called Probate. It can be complicated depending on the size and make-up of the deceased’s estate.

What to do When Someone Dies

At a time when you may be grieving we can provide a complete probate service to carry out all the work required or we can provide a helping hand to deal with the more difficult elements if you wish to undertake probate yourselve.

Our probate solicitors can carry out the complex process of how to deal with a death, and dealing with the estate of someone who has died, provide practical guidance to an Executor of a Will or next of kin regarding determining the size of an Estate for Probate and advise on the payment of Inheritance Tax.

Within a few days after a death, someone needs to:

  • make sure that the home and possessions of the person who had died are secure
  • register the death
  • start arranging the funeral

Sampson Coward Leaflet Explaining What to Do

Below is a downloadable pdf which explains how to deal with these matters in practice and covers the following useful points:

  • who does what
  • what the priorities are
  • security and insurance for the property of the person who has died
  • registering the death
  • is there a will?
  • arranging the funeral
  • telling people about the death
  • the next step: gathering information
  • checklists
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