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Neighbour Disputes

Boundaries, rights of way and nuisance are a common source of disputes between neighbours.

We understand the often competing desire to protect your home against encroachment and the need to resolve matters in a cost effective fashion.  Disputes with neighbours must be revealed when a property is sold and can often devalue or even put off any of your potential purchasers.  It is crucial that disputes are handled carefully to protect your investment.

We provide advice on:

  • boundaries
  • Rights of Way and other property rights
  • shared amenities
  • nuisance
  • adverse possession (squatter's rights)
  • access to neighbouring land

Download our pdf to read more about how we can help you with any of your neighbour disputes.

Matthew Knight
Matthew Knight

Head of Civil Litigation

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Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark

Solicitor - Litigation and Disputes

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Katherine Samuels
Katherine Samuels

Litigation and Disputes

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