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Commercial Landlord and Tenant

Our specialist property litigators can assist in enforcing arrears and breaches against a troublesome tenant or seeking a renewal lease from your landlord, along with a range of other services.

Acting for both landlord and tenant, we liaise closely with our commercial conveyancers.  We are focussed in providing you with prompt and accurate advice to enable you to achieve your commercial aims.

We advise on a broad range of property litigation/commercial landlord and tenant law, including:

- Business Tenant Default

  • forfeiture
  • distress
  • arrears recovery
  • breach of covenant
  • dilapidations
  • unlawful assignment

- Business Lease Renewals - Landlord and Tenant Act 1954

- Breaks and Surrenders

- Consents

Please also see tenancies and eviction and service charges and leases for some of our other related services.

Vicky Langdown
Vicky Langdown

Head of Property

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Matthew Knight
Matthew Knight

Head of Civil Litigation

dd: 01722 820931

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Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark

Solicitor - Litigation and Disputes

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