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Business Disputes Resolution

Disputes within your business and with other businesses, or customers, can be costly and detract from your day to day work.

We will assist you in resolving your dispute by

  • formulating a dispute strategy
  • considering the possibility of negotiation
  • identifying the issues and witnesses as soon as possible
  • assembling and analysing relevant documents
  • checking insurance cover
  • considering your opponent's ability to pay damages

We advise on a broad range of business disputes, including

  • director, shareholder or partnership disagreements
  • commercial contracts
  • intellectual property (copyright, passing off) and IT

Our team's recent experience includes:

  • contested dissolution of partnership between property developers
  • a claim for passing off based on a competitor's use of Google adwords
  • action against former employer for breach of confidence and copyright
Matthew Knight
Matthew Knight

Head of Civil Litigation

dd: 01722 820931

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Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark

Solicitor - Litigation and Disputes

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Katherine Samuels
Katherine Samuels

Litigation and Disputes

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