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There is a huge volume of UK and European legislation giving regulators powers of entry, enforcement and prosecution. If you, or your business, find yourself in non-compliance, the consequences can be serious. It is important that you take early legal advice.

Both Matthew Knight and Lisa Clark have extensive experience of prosecuting for national and regional authorities and charities.  Whether you are a prosecuting authority looking for advice or assistance with prosecutions, or a business or individual threatened with prosecution, we can help.

Food safety and hygiene

If you run a food business you must be registered with your local authority.  The legislation which governs food hygiene and labelling is lengthy and complex.  If you breach food hygiene legislation you risk prosecution, significant penalties and serious reputational damage to your business.

If you require advice about your obligations under food hygiene legislation we can help.  If you find your business subject to investigation or prosecution for food hygiene offences, we can represent you.

We can also advise in connection with Hygiene Improvement Notices, Hygiene Prohibition Notices, Remedial Action Notices and Detention Notices.

Abatement notices

An abatement notice may be served on a business or an individual by a local authority if they identify conditions which they consider to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance, including noise, odour, light, smoke, dust, animals and insects.  It is a criminal offence to fail to comply with a valid abatement notice.

If you have been served with an abatement notice you should take early legal advice as there may be grounds to appeal.  An appeal has to be brought within 21 days.

We can liaise with the local authority on your behalf and we may be able to resolve the matter informally.  We can advise you whether there are grounds to appeal against an abatement notice, and we can represent you in your appeal.

Health and safety

If you run a business you are responsible for the health and safety of your employees and people visiting your premises.  If something goes wrong, and you find yourself subject to an investigation by your local authority or the Health and Safety Executive, we can represent you.

Matthew Knight
Matthew Knight

Head of Civil Litigation

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Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark

Solicitor - Litigation and Disputes

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