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Personal and premises licences

If you require advice in connection with your personal or premises licence, whether you are a new applicant or an existing licence holder, we can help.

We provide advice on all aspects of personal and premises licensing, including;

  • Advising new applicants about your obligations under the Licensing Act, the application process, forms and advertising.
  • How to deal with representations from people opposed to your licence application
  • Representation at hearings before the local authority's Licensing Committee
  • Licence reviews
  • Licence variations


Private hire and hackney carriage businesses are subject to high levels of regulation, with licences required for drivers, operators and vehicles.  Much of the law in this area is very old, and each local authority has its own standard licence terms which can make it difficult to navigate your obligations without specialist legal advice.

If you are a driver or operator and you require specialist legal advice, we can help.

Caravan site licences

If you operate a caravan site or static home park, whether for holidays or full time residents, you will need planning permission and a site licence from your local authority.

If you breach the conditions of your site licence the authority may serve you with a Compliance Notice and you may be subject to prosecution. It is therefore important to take advice early if your local authority raises any concerns about the operation of your site licence.  If you wish to amend the conditions of your site licence we can provide advice about this.  If your local authority wishes to amend the conditions attached to your site licence they must consult your first, and we can advise you in connection with this.

If you are the resident of a mobile home park and believe that the site owner is not complying with the conditions of the site licence, or if the site owner has applied to amend the site licence and you do not consider the amendments to be appropriate, we can help.

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